Reasons why fall is a good time to buy property

good time to buy property

The fall season is usually full of big changes. Lots of young people are going back to school, the football season is well underway, and the general weather is changing with cooler temperatures and bright colors. In recent years, autumn has also become a popular time to sell a home. While spring is still the most popular time to buy a home, there are many reasons to  buy a property in the fall.

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1. will be fewer buyers in the fall

In fact, spring is  the most popular time to buy and sell a home, so many people sell their homes  from March to July. This means that many apartments are being bought and sold, reducing the total number of apartments available during the summer. When autumn finally arrived, most future buyers probably found their dream property. This means less number of competing buyers  to buy the same home.(good time to buy property)

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2.It’s easy to be safe

Spring and summer are popular months for buying and selling homes, but they are also popular with thieves. Many vacant homes for business days and late night performances are ideal places for thieves.

3.You will get more attention

Several agencies or service providers are involved in the sale of homes. Real estate agents, mortgage lenders, real estate appraisers, graduate lawyers, real estate insurance brokers, and appraisers, to name a few. With many homes selling in the spring and summer, these people may be too busy  to properly serve all their customers.

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But this is not the case in the fall. Fewer transactions mean that you can easily contact lenders and realtors and answer questions. This also means that it will be a little easier to plan different appointments for flat viewing, valuation, and  loan completion.

4.Seller is tired

Some of the sellers we meet in the fall originally put their homes for sale in the spring and summer. Vendors are tired when September and October come. You’re tired of the realtor cleaning up the house so that you can see the property, and tired of keeping the apartment clean in the hope that the next person looking at the property will be the buyer.

For this reason, sellers negotiate more aggressively. Prices, minor repairs, and even things like closing times can be changed for your best interest.

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5.Tax cuts will help next year

The amount paid by the homeowner in property tax and the interest on the mortgage can be used as a deduction on the annual federal tax return. Buying a home costs a lot of tax, which helps offset the tax for the following year.(good time to buy property)

6.Required changes and upgrades may be cheaper

If you’re buying a  new carpet, paint, appliances, or other home that needs an upgrade, buying it in the fall can save you more money than the  price of the home. Many of these items will have the lowest prices in the fall. According to Consumer Reports, September is the best time to buy paints and carpets, and November and December are the best times to buy large appliances.(good time to buy property)

With careful negotiation, you may be able to get a price concession from the seller on cosmetic issues such as carpet wear, wall paint fading, and older appliances that exceed the cost of the upgrade. Carpet and / or appliance at the same time!

In addition, September is the perfect time to work with outdoor plants, shrubs, flowers and trees, as well as snowplows. September and October are the best times to buy a lawn mower and tractor. Savings can actually be summed up, leaving  a little extra cash to cover other costs.


As always, location is important when buying a home. Talk to a certified buyer in the market to learn more about local housing trends before making a purchase.


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