Pakistan Real estate business and opportunities

Real estate business in Pakistan

 Pakistan’s real estate sector is securing a bright future owing to its big share in the country’s GDP, up to 70% as an estimated amount of up to 400 billion USD sum up by the world bank. This sector is profoundly correlated with the development sector comprising various industries i.e. construction industry cement industry, wood industry, steel mills, wood, marble industry, etc. so any change in Pakistan’s real state sector will affect the other industries as well, hence a prosperous real estate sector will promise a thriving development sector. The real estate investors and stakeholders are starting new projects and accomplishing the old ones within commercial and residential zones, full filling the increasing residential needs and overcoming the commercial challenges. In Pakistan, it is usually a trend of investing your savings on owning a property rather than buying gold or going for stock market shares because of the certainty of more risk factors. Moreover, people tend to secure their future by investing in the real estate sector and building houses to put them on rent and earn a reasonable monthly income. In the commercial sector, real estate investors are investing more and more to earn a sound profit by creating opportunities for people from various fields and other real estate investors.  Investment in Pakistan’s real estate is being more encouraged than in any other sector due to the profits and benefits. Not only the construction is happening at a faster pace, but this sector has introduced many jobs to the Pakistani nation.

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Real estate opportunities in Pakistan

As we have seen a great boom in Pakistan’s real estate sector in 2021 due to the low tax policy of govt, this sector is still in light due to its high returns. With the increasing demand for residential and commercial properties, the demand for the workforce to develop these societies has also increased.

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This results in endless opportunities not only in the real estate sector but also in various industries linked to it. Here we will discuss the real estate sector of different cities in Pakistan.

Investment opportunities in the real estate sector of different cities in Pakistan.

The scope of the real estate sector in different cities is different. Every city has its returns as per its circumstances. Let’s have a birds-ey view of the real estate sector of different cities.

  Real Estate Opportunities in Karachi

Karachi the City of Lights is the biggest city in Pakistan and is known for its exclusive large projects of development and growth. It is also known for big real estate projects and investment opportunities arising through them. The biggest real estate societies are located in Karachi, providing both residential and commercial properties with these extravagant features and high-class luxuries. The most prominent societies in Karachi are DHA and Bahria Town. Other new societies are also on the way to completion, but the huge urbanization area in Karachi has been turning into an unplanned area, even though there is no more space left in some areas for more projects. And the undergoing projects are offering great investment opportunities with high-profit returns to all the investors around. The high-rise projects of both Bahria Town and DHA Karachi’s bookings are starting from 2 Lac and increase with the nature of the project, location, area cover, etc. 

Hence we can sum up that investment opportunities in Karachi are worth having and investors should go for them.

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  Real Estate Opportunities in Lahore

Lahore City of Garden is the second biggest city of Pakistan and has tremendous real estate investment opportunities so far. There are various societies located in Lahore i.e. Bahria Town, Bahria Orchard, DHA, Al Kabir Town, Air Avenue, Al Faisal Town Lahore, Ghauri Town Lahore, Green town Lahore, Gulberg Lahore, Allama Iqbal Town, etc. These societies are providing fruitful investment opportunities both in commercial and residential projects. Due to the increase in the population of Lahore, residential space has been decreasing hence the trend of apartments is becoming popular. These high-rise apartments are becoming the center of attention due to their affordable prices and promising features. Therefore investment in real estate is ensuring great returns and investors should not miss the opportunity to invest in Lahore real estate.

  Real Estate Opportunities in Rawalpindi/Islamabad

 The Real estate sector in Rawalpindi /Islamabad has turned into the most productive and most rewarding sector, in comparison with all other sectors. Latent real estate investors are always in search of a market valued place and real estate in twin cities Rawalpindi/Islamabad can be their first choice for owing all distinct features one’s required. There are various housing societies in Rawalpindi/Islamabad providing wonderful investment opportunities to all the potential investors, these societies Include DHA, Bharia Town, Gulberg Greens, Kingdom Valley, Blue World City, etc.  After the announcement of the Rawalpindi ring road, the value of the real estate of the twin cities has much increased and one can get great benefits from the investment. So If you are looking for the best place for real estate investment, chose any of the societies in the twin cities and enjoy marginal benefits.

Real Estate Opportunities in Gwadar

Gawadar is the upcoming investment hub of Pakistan due to the port, is providing spontaneous real estate opportunities, Many residential societies are being launched in this city after the announcement of CPEC for the last 4-5 years. People who can see the potential of investing here help in increasing the returns also. The master plan of society has also been finalized offering various properties for sale. Foreign investors are also keen to invest in Gwadar due to trade and business purposes. It is offering great returns on investment over the long run. Those investors who want high returns and can wait for a long run should invest in real estate Gwadar.

Hence these are the major cities that are on the top in Pakistan’s real estate sector, providing wonderful investment opportunities to investors. The real estate business in Pakistan is booming with time and contributing a significant increase to the economy. Currently, real estate opportunities are increasing with time and anyone can avail themselves of the opportunity to enjoy the high returns.


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