Five steps to revamp your place into smart home

smart home

Smart home is the ultimate future! In many countries, idea of smart home is still relatively new, however, Pakistan is slowly stepping into the smart home automation and building such layouts with use of smart devices. From programming your light bulbs to advanced surveillance system and adjusting the automatic thermostat, enjoy the ease, security and fiscal benefits of smart home automation technology.

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What is a smart home, anyway?

Precisely, a smart home consists of smart devices connected to your smart phone via internet and gives you a one-click access to control home automation system. Be it your lightning, surveillance system or home theatre, it’s simply saying that Alexa I am home and let it finish the rest. If you are looking for smart devices that can refurbish your place into smart automation system, then check out these 5 incredible devices that can turn your home into a convenient place.

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  • Smart thermostat

A great way to conserve energy is the installation of smart thermostat system which tracks your routine and usage. This thermostat works in a way that senses patterns to adjust according to the temperature based on movements. You can track your energy usage history directly from the mobile application. 

  • Smart security system

Installation of a proper surveillance system that helps you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world is a real thing. It’s a full security system with sensors and sirens, ready to monitor any unusual break-ins. What else do you need? Once you connect the system with internet, you are completely in control of the security devices.

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  • Smart lights

Who wants to turn off the light after a full day work and crashing in a warm blanket? Smart bulbs automatically turn on or off with the help of in-timer function and sensor. So don’t worry! You can still turn off the light even if you are getting late from the office. Not just that, you can also adjust brightness level and color of light according to your needs.

  • Smart locks

Are you a person always checking up on locked doors at midnight? Now, with the advancement of home automation system, you can unlock or lock doors with just one click sitting miles away from your home. This is a great safety asset for those who habitually forget their keys or locking doors before going out. Oh! It also gives access to one of your family members or close friends to temporary lock the door whenever needed.

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  • Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells offer handy smartphone compatibility and uses your internet to synchronize doorbell. Now you don’t have to worry about missing any visitor or a doorstep delivery. It has a feature that detects movement and alerts you whenever someone presses the button. You can also hear or listen to your visitor and interrogate before letting them inside. It is even a great breakthrough for real estate investors and dealers to build houses that have advanced layout as it will be appealing to people who wish to enjoy hassle free yet premium lifestyle. If you dream of living in the future being tech-savvy, now is the moment. Smart home automation tech has increased at a fast pace, and is composed to become a more common feature of new homes and upgrade older ones. Discover the choices that make the most sense for your lifestyle, and budget in order to pursue a more efficient life.


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