6 Things to Prioritize When Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Purchasing an apartment or selling a house is an enticing experience for many people. The whole procedure can become easier with a knowledgeable real estate agent who understands ins and outs of the local market and property in Pakistan. With so many agencies working in the city, it is difficult to choose who’s the right fit for the required job. With the help of an experienced and trustworthy real estate agent, your investment goes a long way to ensure the property sells at the best price in the market. To help you shortlist the selection process, here are some key points you need to remember in order to ensure the real estate agent you are working with is the right one for you:
Evaluate services of your desired real estate agent

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At the first step, you need to figure out the important information to make a decision. Consider the major factors when selecting the best among the rest:
Does he know the trends of local markets and property in Pakistan?
Who has the most experience in the field?
Who gets the best reviews?
Does he save buyers some profit?
Remember, statistics never lie. Take into close consideration the key performance factors like the average days their properties stay on the market, the average price of homes bought or sold, closings per year, etc. It is sane advice to choose a person who chooses you over anything. A person who is good at communicating and negotiation rather than just experience definitely go the right way!
Think about conflicts and chemistry
Another significant quality to have in a best real estate agent is that they should be hooked to client services, which means they should work to produce the best outcomes in every way. More to mention, there are a few situations that establish conflict of interest which buyers need to avoid at any cost. The most prominent and common is what if the agent works as a dual guarantor. Pretty sure, it is legal in most countries where an agent behaves both as a buyer and seller. If the agent is leading sides, they are likely to sacrifice the best price. They could get it if only they keep focusing on just one client service at a time. Another conflict is when the agent keeps distracting you in another direction or gives you a price out of your pocket range in which you are not comfortable. 
It is best to communicate with 2 or 3 agents before picking one for your job. Ask around the neighborhood or local markets to know what people think of them. Think “can you trust them with your money?”. Be mindful that good rapport is the key!
Observe how well agents listen

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As you further proceed to narrow down your market research, a real estate agent that listens is essential. Because after you select the desired agent, you will discuss all your conditions and what you’re looking for. This specific information is the basis for client services, so it’s vital that your chosen agent pays close heed to what you have been telling him.
If it’s prominent to you from the start that the agent isn’t prioritizing your needs, that’s a red flag enough to rule them out.
Gauge REAL connections 
A sign of an experienced real estate agent is how connected they are to industry and networks or to local market trends. They know contractors, appraisers, banks, or any person required for working in their industry. Be assured that if you need a reference while purchasing, investing, or selling a property in Pakistan, your agent is eager to be that liaison.
Choose your agent wisely!
Compile all the homework you’ve done, ponder on your intel, and then make a final decision. But don’t sweat it too much. Most significantly, trust your gut instincts. If you have successfully followed all these advised steps, you are going to make a well-informed selection.
Sign an agreement
This agreement is a valuable tool and extra security for the client and the agent, especially those who are doing it for the first time. It summarizes the agent’s responsibilities and gives the client a go-ahead to switch if not satisfied with the services. It also includes other details of the professional buyer-agent relationship like fees and commission or a working contract.
In a nutshell…


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Right Time is the best real estate company I have ever dealt with. Very professional, experienced and helpful agents and brokers. Highly recommend.
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