Best Mall in Express Highway Islamabad

Benefits of Investing in Express Mall and Residency Islamabad

The capital city of Pakistan brings wonderful advancements to mesmerize our lives with scenic beauty and modern living. It is becoming a metropolitan with a center of richness, iconic infrastructure, buildings, shopping centers, and residential apartments in Islamabad. The recent trend of elite shopping malls is certainly not new to the capital city. As the population is increasing, more and more development in terms of residency malls is growing higher. From shops to apartments in Islamabad, corporate offices, luxury cinemas, and play areas, these residency malls in express highway Islamabad offer premium facilities and features for the people. Following is the list of best malls in express highway Islamabad:

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  1. Quantum mall
  2. The landmark heights
  3. Express mall and residency
  4. Mall of Arabia

What makes a shopping mall in Islamabad successful?

  • Location

The locality is of paramount importance and plays an important role in determining its positive outcomes. The location generally includes the presence of public, traffic, area, and kind of commercial shops in the surroundings. Consequently, it should be constructed in an accessible area with the usual traffic influx. This gives a tough edge over competitors and returns positive influence for investors and the real estate sector. If you are looking for 1,2,3-bedroom living, check out a luxury apartment in express highway Islamabad. 

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  • Developers

A sound constructor and Islamabad real estate sector guarantee on-time possession, fast pace structuring, and high profits. Their reputation and market credibility affirms successful project launch and deliverance. Furthermore, even after its construction, continuous management by the constructors and realtors is their prime responsibility. Check out the blog till the last line and find out how you can book a ravishing and furnished apartment in Islamabad. 

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  • Architecture and layout of the mall in express highway Islamabad

Indeed, architecture is visual art that speaks for itself. It plays an important role in appealing to investors and real estate developers. The external beautification and fascia grab successful assets for the project. A building is constructed for the present, keeping in mind the past but accommodating amenities of the future. Nowadays, more and more shopping malls in Islamabad real estate are emerging with a unique and distinguished architectural appeal. You will be awestruck to find out the premium shops and offices, as well as, apartments in express highway Islamabad. It is about time to get value for what you paid for. Book your consultation call now!

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  • The functionality of a mall

Everything that is built, is a response to the environment we are living in or a specific trend and in particular, a culture of a place. That’s right! A well-designed exterior beauty adds value but fully functional interior facilities ensure the quality of life is given to people with multi-purpose functionality. This includes:

  1. Separate entrance for residential and commercial or corporate use
  2. Dedicated floors for residential, corporate, shopping, and food area
  3. Restrooms, ATMs, accelerators, and other small technologies for the general public
  4. Facilities for people in a mall in Islamabad

A door knob is the handshake of a building and a kind of first introduction. A shopping mall in Islamabad needs to be diverse and requires all stakeholders. A mall with various facilities attracts more customers. Besides shopping malls, express mall and residency offer high-quality features such as commercial shops, corporate offices, parking facilities, residential apartments, designated areas for dining, play area for kids. Mixed development brings integration of community where at one time, they can work, live and shop. It tends to yield more traffic and maximizes investment for Islamabad real estate. 

Express and Residency Mall in Express Highway Islamabad: What does the mall offer?

Express mall and Residency is a venture of Right Time Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. with clear projections to accommodate facilities for the residents of connecting areas. It has an accessible and prime site from twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi on Express Highway with tremendous architecture and infrastructure. The objective of this project is to deliver all the luxuries at convenience. Express & Residency mall offers shops, a dining area, play area, corporate offices & residential apartments in express highway in Islamabad. Important features of the venture are deluxe régime, striking cinema, parking area, innovative surveillance, and security system. This mall in express highway Islamabad comprises of two basements and ground plus 9 floors, moreover, the complete layout of the structure is provided below:

  • Two basements reserved for parking and an exquisite mosque
  • The first 4 floors are reserved for commercial while upper floors are dedicated to vast dining options, play area, and chic cinema
  • The building has the 5th floor for corporate offices while the uppermost floors are accommodated for first-class living flats and apartments in Islamabad

The iconic multi-functional trademark is entirely planned to meet the requirements of residents living in Islamabad. The mall brings the finest shops for local and universal brands, over-the-top housing apartments, expansive corporate offices. 

Why Should you Invest in Express and Residency Mall in Express Highway Islamabad?

With the perfect amalgamation of prime location, unbeatable Islamabad real estate, and extravagant features, this mall outperforms many other competitors. Moreover, Express mall and Residency offers a lavish blend of living and housing with high-ended amenities, 24/7 deliverance of electric supply, high-speed internet connection, and other telecommunication services.

Key Features of a mall in Islamabad:

  1. Four side open view
  2. High-quality construction
  3. Reception lobby
  4. Earthquake resistance structure
  5. Hi-speed elevator & escalator
  6. HVEC system
  7. Backup power supplier
  8. Flexible unit size
  9. Professional building management services
  10. Firefighting facilities

The epitome construction harmonizing with a sophisticated and ideal locality surely guarantees Islamabad real estate success. nowadays, it is one the most-talked and fastest investment projects and mall in Islamabad and has seized the attention of Islamabad real estate investors and constructors.

Expert Advice!

Islamabad real estate suggests advancing in these malls whether you are looking for short-term or long-term gains, stable rental profit, or an office for your business scheme. These malls will absolutely provide a positive outcome keeping in mind the credibility of such a massive infrastructure and stakeholders involved. Who would not want to finance this revolutionary development? Hurry up before you miss your spot. Sign up to get further inquiries about Express and Residency mall in Islamabad. You can grab whopping discounts with us. So, what are you waiting for? Be a Go-Getter.


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Express Mall and Residency is a project of Right Time Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. with brilliant prospects to facilitate the resident of adjoining areas.
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