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Capital Development Authority  abbreviated as CDA, is a public benefit corporation responsible for providing municipal services in Islamabad Capital Territory. The CDA was established on 14 June 1960 by the Executive body. CDA act as Regulatory Authority for Building, Environment, Public Safety Standards. It is responsible for maintenance of local roads and repair work, public infrastructure, maintenance, garbage collection, development, planning, expansion of Islamabad, and future planning townships.

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CDA has a much better reputation when it comes to investment in Islamabad real estate where it has divided it’s housing society into different sectors.

This body also coordinates with sources like Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) to achieve harmony and uniformity.

Let us have an overview of the best CDA sectors in Islamabad and find as to where to invest profitably. 

Reasons for investment in CDA:

  • CDA still holds a good reputation as compared to other  private society schemes.
  • The sectors are part of the Islamabad master plan for development.
  • Investment in CDA approved sector is considered secure and legal.
  • Investment in CDA sectors has high returns and is more profitable.
  • CDA sectors are well planned with advanced architectural designs and layouts.
  • The authority also manages the maintenance of delivered sectors.
  • Property is considered secure with no chance of fraud and encroachments.

Reasons to invest in CDA sectors as best real estate investment in Islamabad:

We have compiled a list of reasons to invest in CDA sectors rather than other residential schemes.

  • Location:

CDA sectors for best investments are located in central Islamabad. Almost all other private societies are located far away and mostly in the surroundings of the capital city Islamabad.

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People love to live in the heart of the city where all facilities are available. They prefer to live in centrally located areas.

  • High profit returns on investments:

The rate of profit gain is higher because allotment is limited. Private schemes attract their customers to register and sell any plots as in demand. As per the rule, more supply and falling demand would ultimately affect the profits.

  • Legal project:

With CDA, Government is the responsible party. People try to play safe and avoid potential frauds by the private schemes and opt for CDA sectors for investment.

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  • Development Speed & Quality:

There are some disadvantages of CDA. It takes longer than expected to build the market. Many of its projects are pending. Investors are waiting for their lands under CDA to be constructed.

Also, people associate CDA with low quality of development. It has a lot of competition relating to quality. Other residential societies like Bahria Town and DHA have proved themselves and provided quality work in time constraints.

Let’s hope CDA will overcome these issues and make a comeback to build confidence of best real estate investment in Islamabad.

Best CDA Sectors for Investment:

Islamabad is divided into five zones.

Zone 1 & 2 consists of 22km sectors that are arranged in numeric order horizontally, vertically alphabetically.

Islamabad is expanding in zones 2 and 5 now. Many residential societies that are private developers have started projects.

  1. Sectors C-15 and C-16:

Land acquisition in these sectors is still in process and CDA has launched them not long ago. The land sharing policy here is that the owners would receive 1 Kanal of a developed plot against 4 Kanal of land.

These sectors have access through Margalla Avenue and are located near Moaza Kharbooza. Margalla Avenue starts from sector D-12 and leads up to G-T road. Newly launched sectors can be accessed here.

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It is a good location and should be considered for future planning for more than 5 years. And also, after the development and construction is done.

  1. Sector E-12:

E-12 is located near Golra Sharif Shrine. Although it is adjacent to one of the developed sectors that is E-11. This area has an issue of encroachments and disturbance from the Shrine area.

Depending on plot sizes and area prices in this area ranges from 30 lakh-2 crores.

CDA has to still take possession and begin development in the area.

The location is ideal, expected profit is high, quality of development is still unknown, Investing opportunity is for the long term.

  1. G-14:

A part of this sector called G-14/4 is complete. Mainly because it was established in 2004 by FGEHF. It is a government organization that  build houses for government employees in Islamabad.

G-14’s location is on the main Srinagar Highway. Sector G-13 near this is well settled and developed while FDEHF hasn’t sped up the land acquisition in G-14/2 and G-14/1.

There are three sub-sectors in which investment can be done. These are the G-14’s developed areas. G-14 offers plots in 4 Marla, 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla and 1 kanal.

  1. Sector I-11:

It is located in main Islamabad. Sector I-11 comes in Zone 1. The area is still under development and Afghan migrants used to live in I-11/1. This area has encroachments that seem difficult for the authorities to evacuate.

  1. Sector I-12:

The I-12 sector of CDA has a great location. It is in the region surrounding NUST road that connects I-11 and NUST University. This area is in high demand and with huge costs. It’s work tender is expected soon though that will lead to spiked prices once it enters the developing phase.

  1. Sector I-14:

This is a progressed area where a small number of houses are in development. It is near Golra Morr and contains Ripha University and Hajj Complex.

This area is associated with Rawalpindi then Islamabad. A reasonable number of houses are there but roads are broken and streets and surroundings are not in any good condition due to which it has a room for a lot of improvement.

But since it’s about to get densely populated; it is short term investment and can be expected to high returns within 5 years.

  1. Sector I-15:

This sector is currently underdeveloped. It is linked to the road connecting to sector I-14. This sector has already been budgeted for growth, and the location is excellent.

Its in the list of sectors that will be established shortly. After performing balloting of plots, construction work would soon begin here.

It is a nice area for investment if you go for it by now.

  1. Sector I-16:

I-16 links with sectors I-15 and I-16. It’s a developing area with random houses. Surrounding communities are Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (FOECHS) and CBR Phase 2 Islamabad.

I-16 consists of ready-to-build residential plots ranging in size from 5 to 8 marlas. Plot prices for five marla plots range from 18 to 25 lacs, while eight marla plots cost between 25 and 35 lacs.

This location is very far away from the population. It will take a long time before I-16 will see a significant increase in value. Vast plots of land on I-16/3 are most likely reserved for factories which is a demotivating factor for investors..

Upcoming CDA sectors for investment are E-12, C-13, C-14, C-15, C-16, H-16, I-17, F-13, E-13, D-13, 1-12.


Well, these were the best CDA sectors for best real estate investment in Islamabad. According to CDA officials, they are going to add nearly 23,000 newly developed plots/housing units. This step will bring relief for the middle and lower-middle classes as well. So, for a reliable and in pocket investment in CDA sectors of Islamabad real estate is great.


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