Benefits of Signal Free Corridor Islamabad Expressway on Real Estate

What is a signal free corridor?

A signal free corridor is an extensive road linking large and small streets interconnecting at several spots with the help of building flyovers and underpasses which provide an unstoppable, smooth access to the people without delay. They are known as signal free corridors because of freeways, that is, free of signals and unusual stops letting people drive at full speed. It aims at managing traffic, reducing disruptions and inconvenience for all at once. More to mention, it provides footpaths and footbridges for pedestrians to cross the road safely without risking their lives. Even though the urbane and well-made signal free corridors allow for smooth and uninterrupted transitions but they do have a few shortcomings that need to be addressed. The road protection which has now gone downhill after the building of signal free corridors should be well-thought-out provisions be devised to overcome this threat.

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Benefits of signal free corridors 

  • Improve the availability and connectivity to all road users
  • Enhances economic stability of the city
  • Boosts quality of life for citizens
  • Reduces travel time to adjoining areas and residential schemes
  • Improves and increases the opportunity for real estate market business
  • Reduces environmental pollution 
  • Lesser traffic hindrance, congestion, and delays

Islamabad Expressway developmental plan

The Islamabad expressway is almost 28 kilometers that connect both twin cities and national highway-5 starting from Zero point and going all the way to T-chowk. All of this includes 8 interchanges and almost 4 exits which provides a free way to numerous housing schemes and small villages in general. This is why any development nearby the Islamabad expressway has an important social and economic impact on both cities. The Islamabad expressway extension project will be accomplished in two phases:

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  • Zero Point to Koral interchange; all the way to,
  • T-chowk on GT road

After completing of the first phase, the second phase from Korang bridge to Rawat GT road is still completed due to lack of funds. Keeping in mind, the Islamabad expressway from Gulberg greens is severely congested due to the heavy flow of traffic and so many U-turns. All these turns will be replaced by underpasses, interchanges, and overheads, as well as, a service road will also be developed on Faisal Avenue.

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Residential and commercial buildings alongside Islamabad expressway

The Islamabad expressway has many residential societies and shopping malls; although this signal free corridor project eases millions of people already the heavy flow of traffic still needs to be improvised. Due to lack of funds and little to no support from the federal government, CDA has advised all housing societies to help themselves and build interchanges at their expense which in turn, reduces the travel time for inhabitants by 40%. 

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How real estate market is influenced by the signal free corridor at the Islamabad expressway? 

The real estate market showed growth even before the completion of signal free corridor project. The prices vary according to different locations, it is higher near famous residential and commercial plots. It sells like hotcakes if it is linking roads to basic facilities nearby. The well-known “Golden Patch” has shown unbelievable prices and investment opportunities estimated to increase even 100% because it has 13 residential colonies such as DHA, Bahria Town, Gulberg Naval Anchorage, and PWD, etc. As far as the commercial investment is concerned, it has reportedly increased to 200%. Expert real estate agents believe that a further increase in prices only depends on how soon the projects for the signal free corridor are completed. 

Increase in prices of housing societies on Islamabad expressway

The current ongoing development projects have made Islamabad a fruitful and safe investment. Islamabad Highway signal free corridor project has significantly raised the prices of homes and plots in nearby housing schemes. Moreover, the New Islamabad International Airport project is tempting travelers and international investors with accessibility. The towns and housing projects under which major development are the best options to invest.

  • Soan Gardens sold a good number of units as much as 15-20%
  • PWD housing colony, where both rentals and property purchases have relatively increased
  • Canyon Views by Emaar by 30-40%
  • CBR Town will also have an advantage.
  • It will also benefit the residents of Al Makkah City.
  • Expensive rentals in Bahria Town, DHA, etc.

Considering that Canyon Views is located on N5 and Islamabad expressway, it faces the heavy traffic flow of vehicles. Be mindful that if the signal free corridor project is being completed timely, it will prove beneficial to the investors and real estate overall market. 

What to expect from real estate agents? 

Real estate agents believe that the heavy influx of residents will have to be housed along the Islamabad expressway; therefore, this project has become the heart of the capital. Moreover, a mass transit system should be a part of the master plan. Other than that, since huge infrastructural changes are being made, there is a need to introduce rules and regulations for smooth monitoring and evaluation. At the same time, NOCs from relevant authorities need to be made computerized for ease. Nothing happens in a snap of a finger so multiple strategies are required to complete the signal free corridor on the Islamabad expressway. Rest assured, this project could boost the real estate market and also benefit the government and end-users. 

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